Laura teaches modern bellydance (also called Raqs Sharqi), in her signature fun and dramatic style! Sensual and exciting, modern bellydance shows influences of Middle Eastern folkloric dance, ballet, and showgirl glamour. Expressive, playful and flirtatious, this dance encourages you to embrace your femininity while learning muscle control, grace, and poise. These classes introduce authentic and traditional Middle Eastern dance and music; high technical standards and safe technique.

Class Schedule

Winter Session :  January-February 2023

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Tuesdays in Dartmouth
Studio 26 in Dartmouth: 73 Tacoma Drive, Suite B4

Thursdays in Halifax

Halifax Dance: 1505 Barrington Street

Class Descriptions:


8 weeks: Jan 10-Feb 28

Studio 26 in Dartmouth: 73 Tacoma Drive, Suite B4

  • 6:15-7:10pm:  Beginner Bellydance Choreography
    with Laura Selenzi
    For new and returning beginners, learn a short bellydance choreography to an upbeat drum solo.  We will go over the foundation movements of bellydance and link them together in this fun piece that was made just for beginners!
  • 7:15pm-8:10:  Intermediate Bellydance: Fusion Staff Choreography
    with Laura Selenzi
    In this class you will learn a new choreography using the assaya (staff or cane), typically used in Egyptian Saidi style dances which are are earthy, loose, proud and infectiously fun! This choreography will fuse traditional assaya work with tahtib (an Egyptian men’s dance-like martial art) and flow staff technique; and of course beautiful Bellydance movement.
    A basic understanding of Bellydance technique is recommended.
  • 8:15-8:45pm: Stretch Break
    Stay late or arrive early and get some bonus stretching in your day! This class will use a combination of yoga, therapeutic exercise and circus techniques to gently improve our mobility.


8 weeks: Jan 12-March 2

Halifax Dance: 1505 Barrington Street,.
  • 6:30-7:30pm:  Beginner Bellydance: Movement Foundations
    with Laura Selenzi
    Gain a solid foundation in essential Bellydance technique! We will focus on isolations, posture, and elegant arms.

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