Frequently Asked Questions

No! It is up to you whether you cover your midriff or not. As students become more comfortable and begin to learn abdominal control, they often want to see their bellies. We also work up a sweat in class so just a crop top or sports bra is often more comfortable! However, this is a personal choice and is absolutely not required or expected.
​We will not solicit tips from guests, but if they choose to tip on their own accord, they may hand them to us. Tips are not to be placed in the dancers costume, and any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Any tips given to the dancer are hers to keep, in addition to her full payment amount.
No, male-only events like bachelor parties are not accommodated.  Bachelorettes, however, are one of our specialties!
​Yes. We can bring our music on iPod or USB flash drive (or email it in advance), and professional costuming. If you have any music requests, please let us know!
  • Please review the information in this section.
  • Request a quote. Please include details such as location, date and time, special occasion, and any questions you may have. Often a phone call is the best way for us to get a feeling for your vision and the needs of yoru event.
  • We will discuss on the details of your perfect show together, and present you with a number of package options.
  • Your deposit holds your booking. We will then send you a Performance Agreement to fill out and return to us, and we're all set!

We ask for a non-refundable 50% deposit to hold your booking, via E-transfer, credit card, or cheque (if it is more than 3 weeks in advance). We will send you an invoice through our website. The remainder is due on the day of the performance, preferably when the artist(s) arrive.
For parties, corporate events, weddings, etc, we recommend a performance time of 5-15 minutes for a solo performer, or up to 20 minutes with multiple artists. If you would like to fill  a longer period of time, we suggest multiple sets to work within your guests attention span. However if you're looking for a longer show, we can create a custom production with a variety of acts and artists to create a dynamic and engaging event!
  • Any class marked as Beginner,  " 1+ " , or no number at all beside the class title, are open for total newbies! We pride ourselves on being a welcoming space where anyone can learn beautiful movement. We start from the ground up and do not assume students have a movement background.
  • However if you DO have a relevant dance or movement background, we still recommend starting with beginner as the isolations and nuance of bellydance movement can be very different from other dance forms, especially Western/European dance forms. If you find that beginner is too slow moving for you, a private lesson to get you up to speed may be the best option before moving up in the levels. Chat with your instructor if you'd like to discuss this!
Absolutely! Bellydance celebrates femininity, but it is completely family friendly. Children love the sparkling costumes and swirling veils, we love to do kids parties! That being said, you know your crowd better than we do, and everyone has different comfort levels. If you have a more conservative crowd, we do have costuming options with more coverage, and many different kinds of acts available.

You are always welcome to have friends and family perform instead of hiring a professional, we understand that hiring entertainment specialists is not in the budget for every event. However you may want to consider if saving money is your only consideration.

Entertainment can make or break an event and hiring an amateur may mean an awkward, stressful, or even embarrassing situation for you and your guests. A professional provides peace of mind and can handle any challenge or unexpected complication. Check prices for cirque performers or hip-hop dancers to get an idea of the current rates for entertainers.

A professional performer puts in dedicated rehearsal and preparation time for your show, not to mention coming to you with thousands of dollars invested in training, travel, costuming and more to bring you a sensational performance and expert entertainment.