• Please arrive 5 minutes before your class begins.  Please do not arrive early to avoid crowding the previous classes students. If you are late for your class, please warm up first before joining in. 
  • Please remove your outdoor shoes at the door and leave them in the mat.
  • If you are not able to change before arriving at the studio, are welcome to change in the washroom.
  • Bring your own water bottle and don't forget to take it home with you! ;) We recommend writing your name on it.
  • We ask that you do not invite spectators watch the class as students often feel uncomfortable with this.
  • Please turn off or silence your cell phones during class.
  • If something hurts, stop! Let us know and we can help you figure out what's wrong. Often making the movement smaller or checking your alignment can solve the issue.
  • Please avoid chatting when the teacher is talking. We want you to get the full benefit of our instruction so please do not disrupt the class for yourself or others. 
  • If a student is struggling with a move we ask that you do not try and teach them yourself. This can result in injury or misinformation. Let us do our thing and we will coach the student. Feel free to ask a question or call us over!
  • Please be sure to double check that you have everything before you leave and take all your belongings with you. Water bottles and items of clothing are the most frequently forgotten. 
  • Come with a positive attitude, patience and kindness to yourself and others. Saying "can't" is forbidden... unless you add a "yet!" on the end of it! : )
If a class has to be cancelled because a snowstorm or other unexpected event, please check this website, Instagram, or Facebook to find out if classes are running, as we are not always able to contact all students. In the case of unforeseen class cancellations, we will make all efforts to contact you. It is important that we have your updated phone number and email address for this reason. A class will either be added to the end of your session, or you will receive a virtual make-up class or credit for one extra class if neither are possible.
Wear something you can comfortably move in. Yoga/sweat pants and a t-shirt or tank top is fine. A sports bra underneath tends to be more comfortable than a regular bra. We often need to look at our legs to correct movements so slim pants are great, or if you wear a skirt, leggings underneath are a good idea. For bellydance classes, you may bring a scarf to wear around your hips if you like, or peruse our selection of hip scarves. Aside from being fun and pretty, coin scarves provide visual and acoustic feedback from your hip movements, helping you learn! If you have any further questions, ask your instructor on the first class! ​
If you miss a class, you will be able to see the class online after it is uploaded and can attend virtually. It is your responsibility to do this; make-up classes cannot be extended to a future session.
Classes must be paid for in full before the first class. If you are not able to pay for the full session up front, you may pay the drop-in rate as you go, and at the end of the session we can pro-rate the full cost for you. We accept credit card or email money transfer, or cash on the first day of class (please bring exact change). There are no refunds on classes & workshops, however we will do everything we reasonably can to make sure you are happy with your purchase; so you may transfer to a different class in the same session (at the discretion of the instructor and depending upon availability of spots). You cannot transfer payment to a future session, except in the case of an emergency medical situation. If there is a medical reason why you cannot continue, please let us know ASAP as we provide credits from the time of notification.
Any class marked as (1+) (or no number at all beside the class title) are open for total newbies!
In the case of another shutdown, our in-person classes will automatically move online. We will continue with the pre-recorded model so you will be able to watch the video's at your convenience. If there is any delay in getting these videos out, your video access period will be extended as well. Refunds will not be possible in this case, so please keep this in mind.
We will be following the Nova Scotia Health mandates for fitness facilities and keeping an eye on them as things evolve. Please visit our Covid-19 Protocols Page for our most up-to-date information.
No! It is up to you whether you show your midriff, and is not necessary. As students become more comfortable and begin to learn abdominal control, they often want to see their bellies. We also work up a sweat in class so just a crop top or sports bra is often more comfortable! However, this is a personal choice.