Tina Gayle


Tina’s dance repertoire includes classic, folkloric and fusion bellydance; as well as modern, contemporary and jazz. Tina has performed with three different professional bellydance troupes throughout the Maritimes; including Serpentine Dance Company where she is a primary dancer. Since 2009 Tina has produced and co-produced many bellydance stage productions; and organized countless student events, recitals and showcases.

Tina is known as one of the top bellydance performers and instructors in the Maritimes. She holds a Level 3 Middle Eastern Dance Teacher Training certification; and spent many years being mentored by world renowned dancer and master instructor “Hadia”. Tina has also taken many intensive training programs with a plethora of other high profile instructors; and has also been certified as a group fitness leader.

Staying in shape through healthy eating and dynamic movement is equally important to Tina. On top of teaching weekly classes she likes to cross train by taking pilates and contemporary dance lessons. She is also studying jazz twice a week through a scholarship program, ”The Jazz Dance Initiative”. Through this program she also has opportunities to take workshops with companies like Decidedly Jazz Danceworks from Calgary. Tina strives to continue learning in order to bring her students the best classes she can backed by knowledge and experience.

Tina believes that dance is for all ages and that movement is a healthy way for people to stay active, maintain a stronger more flexible body, and a healthier mind.