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​Hooping is invigorating and is a great cardio workout! Handmade locally by Monique Ryan, our hoops are high-quality and easy to use. The colourful friction tape and extra weight of adult hoops help to keep the hoop up.

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  • Mini hoops can be used for children age 12 and under and they are also great for arm hooping and other off-body tricks. 

    Regular adult hoops weigh between 1.5-2lbs, the standard weight for exercise hoops.

    Collapsible Polypro hoops are thinner and lighter than our regular hoops, great for hand hooping, off-the-body tricks, and flow, as well as on-the-body hooping for those with more experience. Because of their lighter weight, they move faster and are more difficult to keep up, providing a challenge for advanced hoopers. They come in 4 sizes: 28", 30", 32", 35"

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    These hoops come pre-coloured in purple with a choice of grip tape for the inside: black, purple, turquoise, hot pink, lime, orange, or white. 

    If you'd prefer to have your hoop base taped with a glitter colour, take a look at the smooth colours for adult hoops and let us know in the checkout special notes!

    *STEP 2: Pick a Friction Color

    *STEP 3: Pick a Smooth Color


Hoops are usually ready for curbside pick-up in a few days.
The pick up location is in North End Halifax, NS.

Shipping is only available for collapsible polypro hoops. In Canada, shipping is $20 for one collapsible hoop, and an $5 extra for each additional hoop.

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