Intermediate Bellydance (DARTMOUTH)


4 Week Course
In this class you will learn a short new fan veil choreography combining beautiful Bellydance movement with flow fan technique.

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Tuesdays: March 28-April 18

Studio 26 in Dartmouth: 73 Tacoma Drive, Suite B4

  • 7:30-8:30pm:  Intermediate Bellydance
    with Laura Selenzi
    In this class you will learn a short new fan veil choreography combining beautiful Bellydance movement with flow fan technique.
    A basic understanding of Bellydance technique is recommended.


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  • Class Cancellations:
    If Covid-related restrictions or risk factors increase, we will contact all students to discuss any changes necessary.  We may need to delay in-person classes, bumping the dates forward. If that is not a possible solution we may instead provide a virtual solution; or provide credits/refunds if neither are possible.
    In the case of unforeseen class cancellations, we will make all efforts to contact you. It is important that we have your updated phone number and email address for this reason. A class will either be added to the end of your session, or you will receive a virtual make-up class, or credit for one extra class if neither are possible.
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    – Please review our Covid-19 Policies. To summarize, do not come to class if you have symptoms or are a close contact of a confirmed case, sanitize your hands when you come in, and wear your mask in all common areas until you are in “your spot” and ready to dance.
    – Please arrive 5 minutes before your class begins.  Please do not arrive early to avoid crowding the previous classes students. If you are late for your class, please warm up first before joining in.
    – Please remove your outdoor shoes at the studio door and leave them in the mat.
    – Bring your own water bottle and don’t forget to take it home with you! ? We recommend writing your name on it.
    – We ask that you do not invite spectators watch the class as the other students may feel uncomfortable with this.
    – Please turn off or silence your cell phones during class.
    – If something hurts, stop! Let us know and we can help you figure out what’s wrong. Often making the movement smaller or checking your alignment can solve the issue.
    – Please avoid chatting when the teacher is talking. We want you to get the full benefit of our instruction so please do not disrupt the class for yourself or others.
    – If a student is struggling with a move we ask that you do not try and teach them yourself. Let us do our thing and we will coach the student. Feel free to ask a question or call us over!
    – Please be sure to double check that you have everything before you leave and take all your belongings with you. Water bottles and items of clothing are the most frequently forgotten.
    – Come with a positive attitude, patience and kindness to yourself and others. Saying “can’t” is forbidden… unless you add a “yet!” on the end of it! : )