In-Studio Classes Postponed

Hello lovely students!

As you may have heard, dance studios have to close for the next 2-4 weeks. We are hoping the restrictions will be lifted sooner, but we’ll have to wait and see. We’ve decided to postpone classes for 2 weeks and then re-assess whether everyone would prefer moving forward with online classes, or to postpone the term and return to in-person when we’re able to. Please let us know your thoughts on this!
We’re definitely bummed that we won’t be able to be together for a while, but we hope you still dance at home and if you need any help or motivation feel free to reach out via the Facebook Community Group, our instagram “serpentinestudios“, or via email if you prefer. Reminder that the first couple classes are online so you can review those at your leisure. 🙂 
And if you’re interested in trying something else, don’t forget that we now have an online All-Access Pass available for $50/month! You can jump around as much as you like with the pass, try one of everything if you like! 😉

We hope you all stay safe and take care of yourselves. This has been a rough week but we can’t wait to dance/workout with you all again.

Laura, Monique, and Clare